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Livspace is a home interior design and renovation platform in India, currently operating in Bengaluru, Gurugram, Noida, Mumbai, Pune, Thane, Delhi-NCR, Hyderabad and Chennai.


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Current Employee - Interior Designer says

"After the 1st month into this job , You will have no peace of mind. 1. The management in Pune is pathetic. Managers don't know or understand designing which leads to unrealistic expectations from Designers. 2. Designers do not have a life here, they are expected to work 24/7 to achieve unrealistic targets . 3. TOO MANY COMPLICATE PROCESSES AND DEPENDENCIES to execute simple tasks. 4.Design is the most ignored aspect of this "Design Based Firm". 5.It is a huge scam and fails to deliver good design execution, so at the end of the day designers are exhausted and aren't even satisfied with the end product. 6. Politics and dealing with biased managers on daily basis takes a toll on mental health. 7. There isn't a confined work desk , so YOU WORK from wherever you are - 24/7- 365 days. You work so much that you feel underpaid after a point of time . No incentives whatsoever,"

Current Employee - Senior Interior Designer says

"No Salary on time No Incentives ever No Self-respect of employee They can terminate your employment anytime. Only Favorites stay in the company. Company of favoritism"

Former Freelancer - Interior Designer says

"Being an architect, I would never recommend livspace to anybody looking to work there or to anybody looking to get their interiors done. Its a complete chaos. There is a serious lack of propriety in the way their organisation works. And the entire office had such negative vibes.I tried working there for 2 weeks, and quit. Even in terms of quality given to customer for their worth of money is quite bad. So, please don't waste your time and money there."

Former Employee - Interior Designer says

"They stress you out to the max. There are a lot of incompetent managers who know nothing about sales and simply bully you. The work culture is horrible and they even embarrass you in front of everyone for no reason. No proper HR for grievance counselling. No action will be taken for any harassment complaints and they will ultimately fire you. Horrible place to work at."

Current Employee - Interior Designer says

"There is no hierarchy and thus people with no experience supposedly "design" residences. Clients are partially ignored as sales are more important than the quality of design. Also there is no "designing" involved. It is pick and drop from their catalogues. Process of getting a project done is too lengthy and does not make any sense as after a lot of processes as well, the outcome is screwed up. If you are highly educated from a good university and if you are looking for learning anything in terms of actual designing than this is not for you. There is no growth."

Former Employee - Interior Designer says

"Where do I start from? Let’s go by department, it’ll make it easy HR is for the name sake, they have more attitude than work on their plate. They will bind you with unnecessary policies which they will make you sign and then use it against you. Please read what you sign in for. They sell the jobs with the USP of flexible work hours but the catch is that, your flexible work hours are 7 days a week, 365 days a year "there is no such thing called work life balance here" designers beware. Oh and yes, god forbid if you resign, you misery will begin that very second. Pune team is run by two general managers, one of which has serious temper issues,micro manager,control freak and politically insane. The other one is cool to work with (you'd be lucky if you get to work with that person). They both report to a city head who has Pune/Noida under him "clearly he only likes Noida and not Pune" Hence, Pune has been suffering to complete its target since beginning of this quarter. Miss the old city head Clients: Poor customers is all I can say! Its not the designers fault, the system sucks. Half of the products are always out of stock. Marketing: Marketing has gone from bad to worse lately. Leads that you'll get will be modular kitchen in 20 thousand. Good luck with that if you are accepting the offer as an ID. PSE: controlled, dumb and robots, 6 days working, no work from home for them and be prepared for a new process 4 times a month. Congrats on the new job now! Drops the mic.. Still want to accept the offer?"

Current Employee - Interior Designer says

"Designers are paid well, but not to design. It is to sell. They offer additional incentives but nobody seems to get it. They make excuses to not pay it. Nobody has been paid incentives in the last 10 months. Company cites various reasons. Though the product is design related, there is no importance given to designs here. What is worse is that customers are also not given importance. The focus is SELL! Customer experience can come later. “We will figure it out”. The only focus on customer experience is till the point the sale is done. After that nobody cares. Founders do not know anything about the company. They speak on higher levels and don’t know the challenges faced and don’t address them either. They have hired people to run this company and these people think they are higher than the world. If anyone gives a logical suggestion to improve operational customer experience or design or something that is not related to sales, then it is shot down. There is no person heading Design!!!! The growth path they tell us designers is that you start with interior designer title and you can become a GM in a few years. But not GM of design, GM of sales!!! This place is career suicide for any designer. There is not a single senior leader from the design background and focusing on design. It is always SALES SALES SALES!"

Former Employee - Interior Designer says

"It is not really a design company, they just import cheap Chinese furniture and use the same design over and over. They will over work you and underpay, very loosely organized..."

Current Employee - Interior Designer says

"limited design pattern the heads are not updated with current trends no introduction to new materials limited creativity do not appreciate or acknowledge your skills and knowledge the incharge of our branch is more interested in personal calls and shopping discussions. limited exposure in terms of design and growth"

Current Employee - Senior Interior Designer says

"Horrible HR policies and financial commitment done apart from salary like incentive or variable are not fulfilled at all." is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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